Trixie and Friends

Meet our new friends, Trixie, Bluebird, Charlie, Sophie, Clara and Bert.  In this book Trixie and Bluebird search all over town for their missing friend, Sophie.  When Sophie is finally found, she has a surprise for all to see.  Can you guess what that surprise is?


Welcome to 2015

The holidays are over and it’s time for a fresh start.  Although I have not made any resolutions this year I am going to try to blog more and keep my book fans informed about the adventures of Jerry Giraffe, Benny Bear, Geronimo the Talking Horse and my new character, Trixie.

I want children to experience fun and imagination through my books.  The characters meet new friends and go to exciting places.  Reading is still fundamental to all learning and will add to the success of each child’s education.  As a retired teacher I know the importance of reading at an early age.  The more a child is read to and reads for himself, the more he will learn.  In books a child can travel to far off places, meet new people,  learn about animal habitats and even get an idea of what to expect at their first dentist and doctor appointments.

I am always seeking new ideas for my characters and welcome suggestions from readers.  Feel free to email me at any time.  If I use your idea in one of my books you will receive a complementary copy of the book and be listed on the acknowledgement page.

Good reading, see you in the next adventure,

Cyndi and friends