Jerry Giraffe Books

I have really enjoyed writing about Silly Milly and her giraffe.  They have had eight adventures so far.  If I had to pick one as my favorite I think I’d have to say it is the one about them planting a cupcake garden.  I got the idea from my nine year old granddaughter.  She was visiting over the Christmas holiday and sitting at our kitchen counter with paper and colored pencils.  When I asked her what she was doing she told me she was drawing.  I asked her what she was drawing and she said “a cupcake garden.”  My first thought was “Okaaay.”  But then my son said, “That’d make a good book.”  The idea begin forming at once in my head and I had to write it.  Who would think of growing a cupcake garden?  Wouldn’t it be cool to walk out to the garden for a cupcake?  I could plant an assortment of flavors with different flavored frostings.  What do you think?

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