About Cyndi Anthony

Cyndi Anthony is an accomplished author of over twenty children’s books. She is a retired school teacher and decided that she would continue to educate through her books. Her largest concern is the lack of reading skills in children today. She writes for all ages and hopes that she can encourage everyone to read for pleasure as well as knowledge.

Cyndi was born in Brunswick, Georgia but raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She has been an avid lover of books even before she was able to read. As she grew older she would spend her after school days in the public library surrounded by books. She became infatuated with poetry when her third grade teacher introduced her to the writings of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Her favorite poem is “Trees” written by Joyce Kilmer. Cyndi began writing poetry and when she was in the fourth grade her third grade teacher asked Cyndi for permission to read her poems to her class.

Cyndi kept daily journals of her daily life into her adult years. She said that her writing kept her sane when life threw her curve balls. Cyndi believes that her writing has saved her millions of dollars in therapy. She said writing things down help you deal with them better.

Cyndi moved to North Carolina with her family after she graduated from high school and met her husband, Benny. They have been married over thirty years and have three children and eight wonderful grandchildren (four girls and four boys). To date she has published one books of poems about the ministries of her church, ten books in the Jerry Giraffe Series, two in the Geronimo and Benny Bear Series, one Trixie and Friends Series and two books in the Bible Series. She has also published a woman’s devotional called “120 Days with God.” She is still working on her mystery novel about three women who start a detective agency after being arrested for crimes they did not commit.

Cyndi has been a Christian since November 20, 1966 and is very active in the church her husband pastors. She and her husband have two parakeets, a greyhound and two Jack Russell Terriers. They all live in Cape Coral, Florida where they enjoy two marvelous year round seasons: Summer and the Fourth of July.

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